Your brand is your culture in action

These days, everyone is talking brand, and everyone seems to have a different definition of what a brand is. What it all comes down to, however, is that brand is the very heart of your organization — what it stands for, where it’s going, its very reason for being. Your organization’s brand is not only […]

Law firm mergers require smart branding

Change is tough for all of us. But law firms seem to struggle more than most when it comes to doing anything differently from how it’s been done for, oh, say the past hundred years. So a law firm merger can be a time of incredible disruption and anxiety for those involved. Plus, successful mergers […]

Branding the law firm

Having a strong brand has never been more crucial for law firms. Increased competition, consolidation, and globalization, coupled with greater client sophistication and changes to the regulatory landscape, all mean it’s more important than ever to be clear about what makes your firm distinctive, relevant, and authentic. But the branding process for law firms has […]

Evaluating the Hillary 2016 logo

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign logo immediately sparked controversy. Saying everything from “It symbolizes a shift to the right” to “It’s childlike and amateurish,” people instantly weighed in on the design across blogs and all matter of social media. It’s crucial, however, when looking at design work to evaluate it objectively — Is it grounded in […]