Clarity for McCarter & English

Preparing a regional brand for national growth.

McCarter & English LLP is one of the oldest law firms in the US and for most of its 175-year history was focused primarily on New Jersey. Over the past decade, the firm has grown significantly through combinations with small other Northeast firms and now has offices stretching from Boston to DC and more than 400 lawyers. While the firm continues to be strong in its traditional markets and practice areas, it has also expanded into more cutting-edge areas, such as blockchain and biotech.


McCarter & English was suffering from a bit of an identity crisis. Despite its expansion, the firm lacked a significant profile outside of its existing clients and was still considered by most to be a regional New Jersey law firm. And its website and visual identity did not accurately reflect the stature of the firm.

McCarter & English sought Clarity’s help to define what sets it apart from its competitors and what ties it together as a firm. Through this effort, McCarter & English hoped to better position itself to build market share, attract and retain talent, and lay the foundation for a stronger and more unified culture.​


Through an intensive research process that included interviews with dozens of clients, partners, associates, and administrative staff, Clarity identified key strategic themes that could be used to unify the firm together under a single brand strategy. That strategy would then be used as a foundation for all creative development and an internal activation program including interactive workshops to engage people in how they could deliver on the brand with their clients and colleagues.

These efforts and a sophisticated new visual identity, materials, and website designed in collaboration with Addison and Content Pilot, helped to reposition McCarter & English as a more dynamic, prestigious, and client-focused firm as it moves into its next chapter on the national stage.