Clarity for
Rainforest Alliance

Creating a masterbrand strategy to align the organization's offerings

The Rainforest Alliance, a leading environmental organization, needed help clarifying how its many programs and initiatives fit together. We worked with senior leadership and the marketing team to analyze the Rainforest Alliance’s parent brand and its many sub-brands, including Smart Wood, Better Bananas, Eco OK, and Smart Voyager, and developed a coherent masterbrand strategy to unite all offerings under one brand promise and positioning.

We worked with strategist and designer Lowry Davison to create a new logo that captured the essence of the Rainforest Alliance, reinforced what set it apart, and positioned it for future growth. The new system is more energetic, global, and forward-leaning, and it has become iconic in only a few short years.

Today, the Rainforest Alliance logo is used to certify a range of sustainably sourced and produced products, from Starbucks coffee to Chiquita bananas. It has gone beyond being just a logo to instead serving as a symbol of trust and commitment to a greener planet.

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