Our approach to Clarity includes three broad areas of focus:

Within those areas we can include a wide range of activities tailored to your organization’s specific needs.


The foundation for any successful project

Brand Insights

Through interviews with your key stakeholders and clients, we gain insight into what makes your organization tick and what makes it stand out from the competition. We also identify current and potential issues that may hold you back.

Competitor Analysis

We conduct comprehensive analyses of your key competitors’ brand messages, imagery and tone, digital programs and communications as a framework for positioning your brand or program.

Internal Assessments

We analyze your current brand touchpoints, messages, digital and analog communications and systems that drive audience engagement to unearth key opportunities.

Custom Research Programs

We develop tailored research programs to gain client and customer insights, internal perspectives and marketplace opportunities.


The blueprint for all activities and initiatives

Brand Strategy

Grounded in research, we build a clear, relevant positioning strategy that provides a solid foundation for creative projects, marketing and communications, and even overall business strategy.

Digital Strategy

Because digital channels (especially mobile) play an increasingly primary role in an organization’s brand program, it’s important to envision and plan a flexible system that can grow and evolve over time.

Content Strategy

A well-thought-out content strategy gives you a clear plan for creating, delivering, and governing content for websites, social media, intranets, blogs, and other digital channels.


Bringing it all to life, both internally and externally

Creative Direction

Creative leadership that ensures design, writing and functionality are all aligned to advance your strategy is key to a truly successful brand identity, website or communication program.

Brand Activation Programs

Workshops and materials that explain the strategy behind the brand can help your people understand how to deliver on the brand in their day-to-day interactions with clients, potential clients, and each other.

Content Development

Your content — for both digital and print — should not only deliver key messages that engage your target audiences. It should also have a distinct tone of voice that helps bring your brand strategy to life.

Structuring Creative Teams

Bringing creative work in-house can often be a smart move, with long-term impact on quality control and cost-effectiveness. We can help you structure, build, and train a strong team of professionals who can handle day-to-day projects and ongoing digital management.

Workshops & Training

We run workshops on a variety of topics, from brand engagement to persuasive presentations, and are happy to build custom programs for your team.